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11 May 2021

Since April 28th patients of the Dutch psychotrauma center ARQ Centrum'45 have gained digital access to their healthcare information. A pioneering event, as they are one of the first healthcare facilities to do so in the Dutch mental health sector. The patient’s information is made available through a self-selected online personal health environment (PHE) and ARQ’s patient portal Quli. Patients can retrieve, view, manage and share their information with whomever they want. This gives them more control over their own treatment and recovery, which can lead to a faster and better treatment result. 

3 April 2021

Hobbe Jan Hiemstra new project leader of eMen project

20 August 2020

Between May 2016 and May 2020 the 10 eMEN partners from 6 EU partner countries in North-West-Europe have successfully cooperated in order to promote the implementation of e-mental health technology.