ARQ Centrum'45 gives patients digital access to their healthcare information

11 May 2021

Since April 28th patients of the Dutch psychotrauma center ARQ Centrum'45 have gained digital access to their healthcare information. A pioneering event, as they are one of the first healthcare facilities to do so in the Dutch mental health sector. The patient’s information is made available through a self-selected online personal health environment (PHE) and ARQ’s patient portal Quli. Patients can retrieve, view, manage and share their information with whomever they want. This gives them more control over their own treatment and recovery, which can lead to a faster and better treatment result. 

The accessible healthcare information regards: general file information, sent correspondence (such as referral letters) and prescribed medication. This information is made available in compliance with the MedMij agreement system. MedMij is the Dutch standard for the safe exchange of healthcare data. In addition to the MedMij data, other new functionalities have been made available via Quli, such as: upcoming appointments, pending questionnaires and the viewing and responding to your own treatment plan. 

To guarantee privacy and security, the healthcare information exchange takes place through a DigiD verification and an additional security check. A DigiD, digital identity, is provided by the government to each Dutch citizen. It allows you to identify yourself securely when making arrangements on the internet, such as with the government, educational institutes, your pension fund or healthcare institutions. 

Important milestone made possible by VIPP GGZ 

The realization of the standardized and secure exchange of the patient’s healthcare information has been made possible by the subsidy program "Acceleration Program for Information Exchange Patient and Professional GGZ" (VIPP GGZ) of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the collaboration with the user association of the electronic patient file system USER (GVU).  

During the launch of the new ehealth functionalities, 'patient' ARQ board member Ate Osinga retrieved the available data twofold. Via the patient portal route and via the PHE route. Due to the easy access to and exchange of the healthcare information, practitioners, patient and family members work even better together on the desired result: the patient's recovery. 

ARQ Centrum'45 kicked off the digital exchange of healthcare information with all its patients in the Netherlands. The organization is happy to share its knowledge and experiences, so that other mental health institutions can follow later this year.