eMEN Autumn newsletter

2 October 2018

Download now the eMEN Autumn newsletter, updating you on our progress and achievements across Europe in e-mental health technologies.

Over the course of the project, each partner is piloting an e-mental health product. The examples in this autumn’s newsletter illustrate some of the innovative approaches emerging from our studies, which aim to address barriers to the uptake of e-mental health. We are also disseminating evidence-based policy and research learning in creative ways, including in early September at a seminar in Geel, Belgium, which focused on e-health trends and development of apps in mental healthcare. If you have missed out on attending eMEN events so far, we have many upcoming seminars and conferences listed at the end of this newsletter, and they are all free to attend.

Combined expertise across the partners has supported our policy work, illustrated below by the French mental health and psychiatry political roadmap – a good example of how we aim to use the product pilots to influence policy and practice in European digital mental health.

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More information about the eMEN project visit the eMEN Interreg site.